We are sending your message to the moon!

Ohio PC Solutions has partnered with Astrobotic and DHL to digitize your message and add it to a moon mission payload. From there the messages will remain until future generations serving as a time capsule for this generation. You can learn more about the mission details from the following link.

How does it work?

  1. Ohio PC Solutions has secured space from Astrobotics.
  2. Schools have students submit letters, pictures, photos, etc.
  3. Items submitted to Ohio PC Solutions.
  4. We put everything on digital storage and send it to Atrobotics.
  5. Astrobotics ships the box to the moon!

Enrollment is currently open to local schools in the Guernsey County area.

  • Caldwell Exempted Village Schools
  • Cambridge City Schools
  • East Guernsey Schools
  • East Muskingum Schools
  • Rolling Hills Schools
  • Newcomerstown Exempted Village Schools
  • Noble Local Schools

You can contact us at